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#5 Evaluate and Sustain Your Progress

Include IPV and HT as health center quality improvement goals

Monitor quality of care by revisiting your Quality Assessment/Quality Improvement (QA/QI) tool, mandating training for all new staff, and offering refresher training annually for all staff. Support staff as they implement the new IPV and HT protocol through case consultations in morning huddles and reflective supervision. As your program advances, consider evaluating the impact your partnerships have on health outcomes of clients and conduct data review with other measures already collected, and assess for opportunities to align efforts with other existing priorities. Also work to integrate prompts and resources into your electronic health record and monitor your health IT systems to ensure privacy protections are being enforced to keep patient data safe and secure. Every year, revisit partnerships, policies, and formal memoranda of understanding (MOUs), with community-based DV/SA programs, as well as other or new organizations to support survivors of violence, with an aim to ensure crucial partnerships are in place to provide trauma-informed care for survivors.

Implementing morning huddles and changes to our EHR have helped us to focus on how we can consistently support IPV survivors.

— Abner Santiago, LPC, Behavioral Health Consultant, La Comunidad Hispana (Kennett Square, PA)

The terms intimate partner violence (IPV), domestic violence (DV) and domestic violence and sexual assault (DV/SA) will be used interchangeably throughout this toolkit.

Tools to support sustainability and quality improvement

By doing this work…

Health centers are demonstrating their commitment to patient-centered care by helping prevent IPV and HT before they begin and by recognizing the impact IPV and HT have on health. Working together and coordinating efforts with community-based DV/SA programs helps reduce isolation and improve health and safety outcomes for survivors. Our vision is a future without violence that provides education, safety, justice, and hope for all.

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